Benefits of olive oil (castile) soap

Benefits of Olive Oil Soap for your Skin

For centuries, olive oil has been used in skin preparations and soaps.  Manna Hill continues this long tradition by producing small batches of hand made olive oil (castile) soap.

Olive oil soap, moisturizers and nourishes your skin, penetrating deeply for maximum moisturization without clogging pores. Derived from nature, olive oil is pure and unadulterated. 

Some of the key benefits of using olive oil soap are listed below:-

  1. Olive Oil Soap Is 100% Natural

Olive oil comes from the olive tree. You can’t get closer to natural than that. It contains innate anti-aging properties that improve skin tone and texture, instead of adding to the aging process. Many commercial skincare products contain artificial oils, animal fats, and other harmful chemicals. Olive oil gives a smooth complexion and healthy skin without harming the skin’s natural structure.

  • Olive oil soap is safe for all skin types

Olive oil is a natural ingredient and does not come with harmful properties. It is safe for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones. You can use it for the entire family – even on babies! Olive oil is hypoallergenic, which means it won’t cause a nasty reaction when applied to skin.

Even the most sensitive skin will absorb the goodness in olive oil without flaring up, and the natural ingredient can be used to moisturize infants’ skin and provide relief from conditions like eczema and psoriasis. It’s even used as a natural remedy for sunburn.

  • Promotes healthy skin

Olive oil is naturally rich in antioxidants. These lead to a healthier, radiant skin because they reverse oxidation. They also fight off any free radicals (which are damaging to the skin) – which means you inhibit breakouts, skin irritations, and other health problems before they occur

  • Naturally anti-aging

Containing polyphenols and oleic acid, olive oil is an effective anti-ager, working to improve skin tone and texture, and combat the signs of aging.

Additionally, because it’s so nourishing, olive oil can replenish the oils lost by the skin as we get older, giving the complexion a smoother, plumped-up appearance and minimizing wrinkles.

  • Vitamin-rich

A natural source of essential vitamins, olive oil contains nutrients vital to helping you feel and look your best. Rich in vitamins A and E, olive oil can boost your immunity and help improve the appearance of your skin. These vitamins help you feel and look healthy. They improve the skin’s appearance. They also boost your immunity! Olive oil is rich in beta carotene as well, which supports new cell formation so that the damaged ones are replaced – and your skin remains youthful.

  • Soothes skin conditions

Olive oil’s healing properties can be a remedy for skin complications. Because it penetrates the skin and is able to moisturize dry patches, it is a good cure for complexion problems, eczema, and other issues as it is a known remedy for many skin complaints, penetrating the skin without clogging pores.

Because of its potent antioxidant power and anti-inflammatory properties, olive oil can also prevent these skin conditions by repelling free radicals and soothing angry skin.

  • Luxurious feel

Castile soap provides a nice balanced PH for your skin. It removes all dirt from your body, as well as harmful organisms such as viruses or bacteria that we may pick up from touching doorknobs, keyboards, or tables.  It also is made up of a consistency that feels downright luxurious.  And is easy to rinse off your skin.

  • Benefits for Hair

You can also wash your hair with the Castile soap.  A bar of castile soap doesn’t contain any detergents or harmful chemicals that will strip your hair and scalp of its beneficial oils.  It also won’t dry out your scalp. Your hair will feel and be clean and soft.

  • Shaving

Rub a little bit of castile soap between wet palms to create a luscious lather that is ideal for shaving!  The natural oils in the soap enable razor to glide across your skin, lessening razor burn and scratches. 

  1. Eczema Sufferers

Olive oil soap is excellent for cleaning and calming your skin because it’s produced using olive oil which has a demonstrated advantage for softening and calming problematic skin. It can help to naturally soften and soothe skin.  In addition, it won’t block up your pores, as this may prompt additional issues.

  1. Antibacterial 

Castile soap possesses natural antibacterial properties. In the same way as it’s ideal to use on skin that experiences dermatitis, it’s also useful for people who suffer from psoriasis or skin inflammation. The soap contains natural antibacterial properties that will help kill the bacteria that cause acne. Antibacterial properties will help give your skin a chance to clear up and over time your face will look better and feel smoother.

In addition olive oil soap is a great choice when working or exposed to people who have a cold or influenz.  You can wash your hands throughout the day without worrying about the soap drying out your skin.

  1. Suitable for People with Allergies

Since olive oil soap does not contain any scents or synthetic artificial fragrances, nor any additives or fillers it is much less likely that you will suffer from an allergic reaction.

  1. Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans

Castile soap is 100% plant based soap since it’s produced using just olive oil.  Our olive oil soap contains no animal based products.  Olive oil soap makes it easy to adopt a lifestyle that fits into your personal practices and beliefs

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