Make your bread with olive oil

If you are like us and love your fresh home baked bread, organic extra virgin olive oil is a healthy substitute for butter in the recipe.


Sourdough bread made with organic extra virgin olive oil


Whether you use a breadmaker or make it in the electric mixer with dough hooks, or whether its sourdough or traditional yeast bread, most recipes call for the addition of a generous amount of butter.  Being conscious of eating as healthily as we can, we always use olive oil instead.  The loaf seems to have a higher moisture content, lovely texture, keeps very well and most importantly, tastes better.

The favourite in our house is homemade sourdough bread, so there is always a culture fermenting away in the fridge, ready to be revved up when the next loaf is needed.  Although most sourdough recipes don’t call for oil or butter, experimentation over time to produce what seemed to be elusive success with sourdough, was the way we discovered the enhanced qualities of a sourdough loaf with organic extra virgin olive oil added.  Just add 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil to each 650 gram loaf at the first knead.


And you can finish any loaf, either sourdough or traditional yeast, with a sprinkling of sesame and nigella seeds for a lovely flavour.

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